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  FOX Business    Lou Dobbs Tonight    News/Business. Lou Dobbs. The journalist offers his  
   take on issues and interviews newsmakers. New. (CC)  

    March 25, 2013
    7:00 - 8:00pm EDT  

gerri: wow told you about the $15 million raised for sandy hook victims after the massacre. they have not seen the money. do you feel charity donations
are properly sent? 71% said no, 29% said yes. spending is out of control, just in time for tax season too. the irs made headlines, this time, getting blasted for a dwen training video parodying "star trek." look at this. >> there's money laundering, bribery, running rampant in the street. sir, they are exchanging the lowest coin currency for paper bills. >> you don't mean -- >> that's right, sir, pennys on the dollar. gerri: are they serious? 60,000 of your taxpayer dollars funded that video. this, of course, weeks after another government agency, this time, the usda had a video teaching college kids how to use a microwave. since the sequester, washington agentedded like a 2-year-old
throwing temper tantrums making big spectacle cuts. looking like stopping the federal government from spending money is harder than keeping the snow from falling. cut out the spending on junk. that's my two cents more. that's all for tonight's "wig liz report," and thank you for watching. if you can't catch us live, don't forget to dvr the show. have a great night. ♪ lou: the tie any island nation of cypress is safe for now. the last effort to bail out and save its economy, but the solution that has bank depositors and investors everywhere now nervous. the largest banks are taking up to 40% of all bank deposits more than 100,000 euros or $129,000 or higher leaving smaller deposits untouched.
optimism over the deal initially pushed the s&p 500 to within a point of its all time high of 1565 in early trading. stocks told off the cypress bailout is a template for the ways in which the eurozone will address future bank problems and bailouts. the dow jones industrial average fell 64 # points, s&p down five, and the nasdaq lost ten points. on the domestic front, president obama called upon congress to, quote, finish the job on immigration. speaking during a citizenship ceremony at the white house, president obama stressed the importance of getting something done. >> we have known for years that the immigration system is broken, not doing enough to harness the ingenuity of those who work hard to find a place here in america, and after avoiding the problem for years,
the time has come to fix it once and for all. the time's come from the comprehensive, sensible immigration reform. lou: the president went on to put a time line on the issue saying he wanted congress to debate immigration reform next month, and that he wants a bill to sign as soon as possible. he's rallying support for gun control, and new york city mayor michael bloomberg is picking 7:the slack, pumping $12 million of his own money into a national ad campaign trying to persuade senators to support expanded background checks, and cbs learned the hard way not to mess with american's veterans or my fox news colleague. the network angered many when an episode of the "amazing race" featured wreckage of an american b [laughter] 5--
b-52 bomber that was used as a prop. last night, the network aired this apology. >> last sunday's episode filled in vietnam was insensitive to a group important to us, our nation's veterans. we apologize, particularly those who served in vietnam as well as their families and viewers offended by the broadcast. lou: we'll pick up the apology here tonight with the a-team and debate gun control joined by eric pratt, director of communications, and the former president of the brayy campaign and indiana university professor, and senior u.s. economists for ubs securities, drew will give us his perspective on the cypress and outlook for markets here and in europe. we begin tonight with new developments in cypress. the cypress central bank, the night announced that all banks will remain closedded now until
thursday. that reverses an earlier decision that would have allowed banks to open tomorrow. fox news, senior foreign affairs correspondent has our report. >> they got the news they wanted, but little to be happy about. it broke between their politicians and imf officials, however, was high, one of the biggest, most troubled banks shut down costing thousands of jobs. part of a broader projected economic slow down here. >> too bad. suffering. suffering. >> reporter: small depositors are protected, those with uninsured bank accounts of one 00,000 euros or $130,000 or more could see as much as 40% or more seized by the government to help pay for the bailout.
for its part, the officials defended its approach calling it the new template for how they handle new eurozone problems. stock market fell on part in that news. the european commission says it cares. >> [inaudible] >> some banks here are set to reopen tuesday after being closed forever ten days, and restrictions in place to prevent runs on the banks, and, still, the two biggest banks will not open until thursday. europe is america's biggest trading partner, watching events in cypress closely. in a statement, the treasurely department said, "growth and financial stability in the eurozone are of importance to the u.s.." to show you how fluid the situation is, we, too, can
confirm the cypress government changed its mind. the central bank here as well as the finance minister decided to open all the banks on thursday rather than staggering with some openings on tuesday. by that time, lou, people will be without banks on this island nation for 12 full days. they were told to keep calm, but that could be difficult. lou: i'm sure it is difficult, and difficult as well, days ago, we heard they had just a few days of food supplies, grocery stores were running short of food stocks for the shelf. what is that situation? is there now food in this bailout that will make that -- going to decrease the food problem? >> the supplies here okay, lou.
gas was short because people were hording. what they are running short on is cash. right now, the atms are limited to 100 euros, that's $130 per day, and that is a big problem for the folks here, and one more point is people forget that a lot of people do their banking online. again, for 12 days, the folks here have not been able to do any kind of online banking, any kind of electronic transfers, using the banking system..3 i spoke to one expert here, and he can't remember the last time europe, europeans were without banking for that prosecutor. that goes way back before world war ii and world war i, lou. lou: remarkable. thank you, dealing nimbly with the three second delay between here and there.
thanks so much, greg. turning to gun control now, mayor bloomberg announced a $12 million 13-state antigun advertising campaign, and the president about to get back on the road for his version of stricter gun control. all of this despite setbacks in the senate. joining us now, eric pratt, paul, former president of the brady campaign, professor at indiana university. thank you, both, for being here. i want to start out with wayne la pierre saying the nra supports a bill to get records of those adjudicated mentally, inexcellent, and dangerous into the system and enforcement of stronger laws, and punishments for gun trafficking. that is, i think, a fairly impressive list of things that the nra supports.
paul, can you and the brady campaign then join hands with the nra on those issues? >> i was happy to work with the nra members to make sure we passed a bill to get more records into the background checks system, but with all of those things, unless we require background checks on sales, we're not going far enough. yes, they talk about things that make sense, yes, they talked about things in the past, and wayne supported universal background checks back in 1999, changed the mind apparently now, but we have to do checks on nearly every sale to keep people that have felony records and dangerously mentally ill from getting guns. lou: are those folks who are dangerously mentally ill in the system? avenue virginia tech, only 20% of the records are in the system, and the nixon act passed
in 2007 signedded by bush in january of 2008 gave states inacceptabilityives to -- incentives to put records in. there's more since that time, but states have more to do. i know when virginia tech happened, my home state of indiana had zero records, and now we're up to -- we got more in the system now, but there's a long way to go. at virginia state, there were just four records in new york state. there's a lot of work to be done and needs to be a top priority, unless you do background checks on every sale, it doesn't make a difference. lou: yet, the priority, eric, has been on assault weapons ban that institutes such a small fraction of the overall problem here. your thoughts on that of the gun owners association? >> well, you're right. it would cover just minorities of the murders. as you noted before, lou, the more people die at the hands of clubs, hammers, and things like that than these so-called
assault weapons, which, really, what they are after is banning common self-defense firearms. we're thankful this last saturday there was a very key vote in the senate. senator mike lee offered an amendment to restrict the ability of the senate to pass gun control requiring future gun control proposals to have a two-thirds vote. now, the amendment failedded because you need 60 votes to change the senate rules, but he got 50 vote, a majority, and that's very significant saying that right now there is a -- a solid core group in the senate that does not want more gun control. lou: forgive me, people they wonder how 50 votes in the senate is a majority, one senator not voting as the vote was 50-49. >> that's right. lou: the mayor mike bloomberg has now got all these front organizations now out that he's spilling money into now launching a $12 million
campaign, paul. what is -- if there's such a ground swell of support, why does everybody need bloomberg's money and these front organizations that he's created of which he's usually the main man? >> well, they really don't. i don't believe you call an organization that has over 900 elected mayors from around the country a front organization. it's a group of people that -- lou: what do you call it? >> it's the group that dealt with gun violence, but it's, you know, when you get something like 95 #% of the american people supporting bkdz checks, 85% of gun owners support it, 80% of the nra members support it, but congress has reluctance because of the nra. it shows the will of the people -- lou: do you really believe they are so afraid of the nra, or do you believe that they have some conscious towards their con stitch wents and want to represent the values and desires
of the constituents? i mean, are you really writing off all those people in the senate and the house of representatives and saying they are nothing more than cowardly fools at the service of the nra rather than voting their conscious? >> i would not call them "cowardly fools," but i have ran for office and been elected for office, and it's not an issue that they know the background of or cares about, that a lot of times they look at the intensity of the opposition, and electives i talked to sense the intensity from the gun owners who don't want any changes, and what we're trying to do is make them realize that this doesn't hurt legitimate gun owners, but something that common sense and require background checks on all sales, and we require federally licensed dealers into this before, even if folks don't follow the law, hopefully those who sell guns follow the law. lou: eric, you get the last
word. you have been squeezed on time. i apologize. >> that's okay. paul knows background checks are not stopping bad guys from getting guns. they use fake ids, and, sadly, background checks stop law-abiding people like 150,000 military veterans who have been put in the system because of their post-traumatic stress disorder or women up in delaware who have been denied because of their age and their gender or people in oregon denied because of their political affiliations. when you allow a government bureaucrat to tell a law-abiding citizens. lou: you don't want any background checks? >> no, lou. first of all, it's a god given right, where in the second amendment where it says -- lou: eric, i got to take the leave. it's got to be a quick last word, okay? >> well, the point is what -- where is the room for infringement?
we wouldn't tolerate that with the first amendment. lou: eric, i have to leave you asking a question. i appreciate you being here to provide the few answers to the few questions i got your way. thanks a lot. thank you very much. much more on the gun control debate, the assault on the second amendment throughout the broadcast. the billionaire mayor's spending on the first amendment to limit the second amendment. lavish spending on left wing ideas by america's oligarchs in tonight's "chalk talk," and cypress has a deal. how long it lasts? who knows. ubs senior economist will tell us next.
♪ lou: well, we're going to be talking about the economy in these markets with senior economist from ubs, drew mattis. take a quick look at the action on wall street today after hitting a new high on the dow this morning. stocks did retreat fin iishing lower. dow down 64 points, s&p down five, and nasdaq down about ten. 3.1 billion shares traded on the big board. that's passing for about average volume here, the most recent couple weeks issue and the commodity market, gold down a dollar-50 settling at 1606.50. crude oil up a dollar, settling just under $95 a barrel. the bond market, a flat market, the treasury's 10-year unchanged, the yield 1.92%. chairman benjamin ben bernanke g the policy against those who think it needs defending. they said it's helping to boost
growth around the world rejecting criticism it could lead to a currency war. joining us is drew, senior u.s. economist for ubs securities. drew, good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> reporter: does ben bernanke have to defend fed policy based on a market -- up about 10% on the dow? i mean, this is a good run, this year to date. >> it's been a good run. what he's worried about, though, is increasing level of concern about how the fed gets out; right? everyone loves to party when it's going. when the party ends, how badly does it end? lou: i'd put this to those concerned about the exit strategy for the fed. why not worry about that in 2015 and just walk our way through the cycle that we're in? what do you think of that? >> well, just like in 2003, excesses spilled over time. if we have a huge amount of rereceivers in the -- reserving in the banking system, the fed says, trust us, we'll
drain the money when we need to, but when you drill down and interact with them on a day-to-day basis and how they plan on doing it, the answers are lacking, and so the reason for concern is because we're not really sure the strategy is thought out as ben bernanke likes to make it seem. lou: yeah, i can't understand we watch the reserves pile up with the fed, a good, happy thing, the view of most, i think, and we're going to see that play out across the system. that's a good thing. until we see 6.5% unemployment, we know this policy will continue. we're watching the -- we're watching the equities market begin, begin to perform the way ben bernanke wanted it to as he switched emphasis from the debt markets to the equity. housing market's recovering. you got to be a happy guy. >> well, look, there's a lot of reasons to be happy, but it's all the more reason to figure
out how to you get out of stimulating the economy; right? when it's on its own two feet, you want to pull back. it's not a good plan for me to let the 7-year-old son to be on training wheels until he's 18. lou: are you comparing american investors to a child? how -- assuming we'll see mature postering by investors, and one doesn't always know because you want to see animal spirits rip the heart of american investors and entrepreneurs, we're a long way from getting there, aren't we? >> we are, but there's positive signs. there's job growth, consumer spending, seeing -- lou: yeah, if i say "hallelujah," you know -- >> it looks like the bond market is having higher levels of growth, gas prices down, the global economy -- lou: don't tell bill o'reilly about this.
he's upset prices only dropped a dime. >> maybe he needs a smaller car. the point is there's a lot of reasons for optimistic. lou: good. >> housing's turning around again. there's let #* -- there's less people fore closed on because they make the mortgage payments. lou: do i buy stocks now? >> you might be late on that. people figured that one out. nevertheless, if we really add up all the positives in the u.s. economy and look at the negative, and, for example, the dysfunctional government in washington, d.c. led us to cut back, maybe that's a positive. lou: we'll take positive on that. sir, good to have you with us. thanks a lot. >> thank you. lou: now to the weekend box office. the caveman comedy clobbered the competition. the animated movie. it's serious money bringing in almost $4 # 5 million for 20th century fox, ye haw. we're e lit --
elated. "o imp pus has -- olyups has fallen," and oz dropped to third, and still scoring 22 million. up next, mayor michael bloomberg thinks government can infringe on your freedom if they need orlando johnson if -- or if he wants to. in the "chalk talk," we'll talk about that. the supreme court sets for argument the for or against same-sex marriage this week. dobbs law takes up the case. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes.
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have a responsibility and to thank all have responsibilities to make this country safer. they don't want restaurants, homes, the one to tell them what food to eat. they sure don't want them what
firearms stone, and he cannot buy america. lou: ziguinchor's try, referring to michael bloomberg. nearly 1300 people representing big cities and all of america. only one of them is constantly generating headlines. that, of course, mayor blight -- michael blumberg of new york city. it has something. no comment has everything to do with his 27 -- this is quite a number, $27 billion net worth. that makes him the seventh richest person in the of america. the nra ceo, bloomberg can i buy america. believe me. he can afford to try, and that is what he's doing. over the weekend he announced the $12 million by targeting 13
senators in particular, are urging them to back the universal background checks on -- on all gun purchases in addition to the $10 billion of his independent u.s.a. super pak . a congressional race in the bluest of the blue districts in chicago so that she could read a democratic candidate who was not supporting a ban on assault weapons, just like harry reid. got results apparently. no telling what his billion dollar megaphone will do on the national level. think we will find out, and he is not the only american oligarch with a bankroll to make a political difference. this dollar right here, he is the 16th richest in the country, 16 riches fellow. he has a net worth of a paltry
$19 billion. these folks have some pretty serious money, don't you think? according to the "washington post", largely laid low one-and-a-half million to a few. and then there is this young fellow. he has a long way to go. mark, he is, well, a 25th richest person in the country. twenty-fifth. he has a net worth of just $13 billion. now, these are justtthree of the liberal oligarchs trying to change america. according to a san francisco he is given up to $20 million to a
new advocacy group that will support comprehensive immigration reform. american oligarchy. isn't that exciting? ec back here. he has a lot of time to check up don't expect him to stay down there. they are intent on filling their agendas, but don't get confused. they're talking about their agendas, not america's, and not yours. we did not even have time to get to warren buffett, bill gates. the really big guys. stay tuned this week. we're going to explore all that these american oligarchs are involved and politically and how they're trying to change this country that uni live-in. it's going to be fascinating. see to it throughout the week. 2016. obama's america, a runaway hit of the box office last year. documentary on -- filmmaker tells us what is up next.
out of touch and out of space. the taxman wasting a lot of tax dollars. same-sex marriage and the constitution. the supreme court takes up the case. attorneys render their opinion in dobbs lawn next. ♪ this is america.
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you give the defense witness? wearing neon. >> and we are on the number 35, but here is the thing. the defense really needs the jury to believe this guy. he is a paid expert. he needs to explain why she has a problem with telling the truth whenever lips are moving because if the jurors do not believe her , she is going to get the chair. if they do believe her she has a shot. frankly, i don't think he's doing a bang a job. lou: your thoughts? >> that is a euphemism if i ever heard it. i think the ag completely stepped in the rink. his testimony was horrible. his entire reason for being there is a tell the jury why is that they should believe this woman she has been lying through our teeth. you would see that they think he is a complete.
%-and i think he has made it woe the. lou: is there a way in which the defense can get their money back that they paid this fellow? is their refund available? uphold. >> that would be no. lou: let me ask you this as we turn to the supreme court. gay marriage, proposition eight. the defense of marriage act. the supreme court is going on this. your expectations? >> i think we will see gay marriage. right now we have proposition eight in california. even in a few states. yes, you can be legally married, it prevents you from realizing the benefits of that. the supreme court is going to say we have had enough. there is an equal protection argument that we can no longer rig or in their going to grant a marriage across the board nationwide.
lou: i agree to a certain extent. you're going to see -- i would not be surprised to see justice roberts read the opinion about these cases. at the end of the day prop. eight goes down. all of us standing in legal issues, but justice roberts will do a lot of what he did not obamacare which is trying good consensus and not go so far as to find that in the united states constitution there is an unfettered right to same-sex marriage. they're allowed to stand. i think ultimately proposition they will be marked down, but i do not think that they will go all the way. you have an unfettered right. that is just me. ultimately i think you get to the same place. lou: i want to ask you about this. affirmative action. now you will have come by again to me you're going to have something there would be overturning, legislation that would be overturning. now with affirmative-action. the state of michigan makes
admissions colorblind. this is still a contest. the last release in michigan. the going to oppose affirmative-action again or are we getting near the ceiling that senator day o'connor put forward on the last ruling the she made as a justice? >> i think we are getting nearer. he read what happened in the university of texas case, the university of michigan case said that race can be a factor to be considered unrealistic approach. would be surprised if it wipes that out. i think that they are going to overturn the sixth circuit decision because i thought it was a little bit of a legal and factual. [indiscernible] where they will minorities would be treated equally. i think that was a little bit iffy, but i do not think you will see affirmative-action. >> i do. i think it's going to be gone. an opportunity to do that. an equal protection argument from the other side.
lou: it seems like there is some symmetry. good vibrations around this. in know, if they're going to overturn the other two this seems it is incumbent in the sense of what was a check up. the equity of all, the equity in all things which would be, this would seem, the perfect case for it. i'm sorry. it's great having you. thanks a lot. you don't know what i thought it was. up next, co-wrote, directed, and starred in the second highest grossing documentary in history and he will be right here in this broadcast with us, he joins us next. ♪ [ lisa ] my name's la, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit.
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♪ lou: our next guest recently announced his new documentary will be entitled america seeking to examine what the world would look like america had never existed. the announcement comes on the heels of his wildly successful 2016 obama's america which begin the second highest grossing political documentary of all time. joining is not a monster, filmmaker. i swear, i can remember. hollywood. best-selling author, a scholar. you have it all going now. >> i discovered that the film medium as is so powerful. we had 3 million people see the film. is now in dvd in video-on-demand so the film allows you to make an argument an appeal to emotion and get people to feel you're trying to say. lou: you did that beautifully. it was a terrific documentary aside from the fact that it was
a splendid commercial success. you left out obama in america. drop him from the title of the second documentary. what do you expect to achieve by the premise, which is fascinating to me. what with the world looks like without american? >> columbus came last and he was not looking for america but a way to the far east. that is kind of what he called the people he met indians. we almost creative experiment. imagine there was a great seaquake and america dissolved into the sea. columbus would keep going in all the events of the world will look dramatically different. when i think we're trying to have a second question. what in america today begins to recede in economic and political importance. we will will love will look like in the future? lou: let me talk about that because it fascinates me that we have so many people talking about redlines and syria to much
talk about being militarily assertive, if not adventurist. the reality is we have the military in this country that has now been exhausted. i think you can make a case that we have been -- we have treated our troops poorly. and for so many people it seems to push them into another conflict and push them into africa. sometimes power is utterly dependent upon the reluctance and insistence not to use a. the you think america is capable of that kind of maturity? >> i think we saw that, and everything back to the 80's and the reagan doctrine in particular if you remember, his idea was that people should fight for their own freedom. in so reagan would support the afghan mujahedin t-mobile we did not send troops over there. for the american founders the key was not to make america the
world's policeman but for us to have recipe that would be a formula for the world to benefit economically and politically. that is the real question. what happens if the american idea, the american dream, but investors going the way? lou: basically out of time, but i cannot lose this. your sense is that american dream perseveres? >> i think america is a lot bigger than barack obama. we will show the america of 1776 and have that spirit can be kept alive today. lou: good luck. we are waiting. thank you so much. the upcoming documentary america . up next, finally apologizing for using a memorial with an amazing in variation on the amazing grace. the "a-team" takes it up. monica crowley and emily joins
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♪ lou: joining us now, the "a-team," author, radio talk-show host, fox is contributor. former white house special assistant senior adviser to president bill clinton. good to have you with us. it just seems like the other day. d.c. del washington times senior opinion editor. good to have you here. let's start with mayor bloomberg and the -- this is, i think, earmarked by the arrival of the american oligarchs. spending money, playing politics the you disagree?
>> $12 million. said just a day, i think sometimes it's appropriate for the government to infringe and your freedoms. rsi "i thought, at least he's being honest. >> he made it clear that he said that he was talking about we will have the right. he put himself on another line as it will be in charge of our lives. >> well, i'll tell you. i know you saw my story. i was riding straight about spending to $0 million in 13 states. pressure senators to vote for gun-control legislation. i noticed in the ad that the actor they used at a singer on the trigger -- finger on the trigger. rule number one is never put your finger on the trigger until you're ready this year. i looked more closely and saw that he violates all three of the nra safety rules. finger on the trigger, basically aimed at some kids swimming on a tire, and it's locked and loaded
, a pump action shotgun and the as the action closed. bloomberg is spending all this money to but 13 states, an ad that is basically an advertisement for unsafe gun ownership. very irresponsible. lou: what do you think? might as well be applied to suggest that is the way that guns are handled by the nra which is defamation, if you love or it is, more likely just simply, as amelie suggests, and of fish production. lou: qaeda of the gets an oafish production. lou: i was so short. >> an ad campaign. these factors. this is not real life. she wrote a clever piece, but, you know, i think she wrote a piece of an advertising campaign, not about real life. >> but they are real guns. >> we don't know if it was a real gun. importantly, i think it is
fantastic he is doing this. i hope the spends double the $12 million. money in politics is like not a new thing, right? add to the last massacre we saw some real political momentum for reasonable, responsible gun controls. then the nra came in and did what they always do. they were bad because they got then. @%e politicize the issue. it they miss characterize the issue. background checks are about the most responsible thing you can do. these ads are for background checks. lou: a wacko. >> that's my view. >> the mayor interested in reducing gun violence and crime and emigrate to more power to him. except he is directing that and maybe more to law-abiding citizens. he is interested in reducing and violence and crime he would be leveling his gaze and his money, which is essential, at gun
violence and minority on minority. >> political. >> the gun crime. >> political campaigns. money in politics. everyone here it sounds like it's such a surprise. lou: i don't mean to be surprised at all classes investing in an election. lou: you don't have to disabuse are neither tay. and going to have to do more research, and i'm going to have to figure out who was it, john mccain was going to make a decision on how to proceed. he was associated with what was fine gold mccain. he did lieberman mccain on climate change which worked out. also, let's see, kennedy mccain. that was on immigration. feeling pretty strong on this
now? >> i feel strongly that, yes. i feel strongly. lou: that was rhetorical. proposition a before the supreme court, affirmative action, your thoughts on all the cases. >> well, it may be a 5-4 decision all the way through. there are a couple of different issues that they will take up. the marriage and -- all right. proposition 18 was voted on and passed by the people of california and i don't see any reason the supreme court is to vote on that. it was decided. the people of california decided that marriages between man and woman and i don't see how washington on elected officials in china overturn something like that. >> the most interesting thing about this moment in history is how much public opinion has changed and how many republicans from across the political spectrum now see same-sex
marriage as an it equal rights issue. >> democrat and social. >> at think that is an argument and some people feel the way. this court will rule 5-4 in favor. lou: and what that meant to say thank you and appreciate you being here. appreciated so much. that's it for us tonight. we appreciate you being with us and issue a very pleasant evening from york. ♪